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Celebrating 60 years of ministry 1956 - 2016


Another way of living

In the New Testament, the word "brethren" describes a community of men and women who chose another way of living: the way of Jesus. The Church of the Brethren, begun three centuries ago in Germany, still draws people who want to continue Jesus' work of faithfulness and loving service.

Continuing the work of Jesus

Though the Brethren as a group have existed for three hundred years, we subscribe to no formal "creed" or set of rules. We simply try to do what Jesus did.

Jesus brought a message of life, love, and hope. But he offered much more than inspiring words: He understood that people's spiritual needs also include day-to-day human ones food, health, rest, comfort, friendship, and unconditional acceptance. "I am the way," he told his followers. He showed them how to trust, how to care, and how to help.

Steadily, lovingly, even radically, Jesus went about saving the world by serving its people. Because we believe his message, we seek to do the same.  from http://www.brethren.org/about/

Read about Brethren work in Nigeria.
Our church in worship and learning seeks peace and understanding in the world.
We visit, sing with Ed playing guitar, play cards and bring cookies here at Brookdale. Pastor Leahy volunteers here on Mondays and has since September 2016. Women's Fellowship helped with vision and hearing screens wirh the Lions Club in the fall.
Sunday Worship Service -   April 23 -  at 11:00 a.m.
This Week with Jesus   - Years ago, at the church where I served, we had a lively Thursday-night lectionary Bible study group that often discussed that week's sermon. One Easter Sunday, a guest preacher, during the children's message, had valiantly attempted to explain the Resurrection to a group of very young children. I don't remember what they said, but clearly it went right over, or around, their heads. A member of our Bible study group, Beth, long-retired after many years as a church educator, was a font of wisdom: I'll never forget how frustrated she was by that sermon. I can still hear her New England-accented voice: "The one lesson we need to teach children at that age," she said emphatically, "is that God loves them. They don't need to understand all the technicalities when they're little; they just need to hear, in many different ways, that God loves them so much." Isn't that what we need to hear at every age, not just when we're young?

Some folks say the Resurrection is about joy, others say hope; I appreciate the way Marcus Borg calls it "God's yes to Jesus and God's no to the powers that be"--the empires of violence, injustice and greed that try to rule our lives today just as they killed Jesus long ago. But God, Borg reminds us, said no to all that and yes to Jesus. Jesus, who told us that everyone would know that we are his followers if we love each other. So I think we can say that the Resurrection is about joy, yes, and hope, and most of all, love.     
Sermon title: The Beatitudes
Scripture: Matthew 5:3-12
Lorne Holmes, Midland COB, bringing the message

We are in the Easter season, and invite you to join us in our celebration of new life. With all the wonderment in life around us, we offer sanctuary. We offer you our space, and in short: ourselves.
Christianity is relationship and service and we invest ourselves in these life giving endeavors. Here you will find friends for a lifetime, experiences to refresh your soul.
As the flowers grow, and the trees green from their budding, so also the soul claims a new season of life. Come enjoy that with us.

The new program manager, Priscilla is in the Green. The group is from WCOB.